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I noticed some developers I follow here have started using the site's devlog feature so I decided to give it a try too. 

There hasn't been a new demo for Vampire's Bit in a long time, but the game isn't dead at all. My workflow slowed down a lot due to a lot of different reasons, but also, a lot of things happened during this time, includying the project turning one year old.
So this first devlog entry, a pretty long one, will show you the stuff I have been working on.


Villagers got a new look based on received feedback about them looking too similar to the vampire hunter. This new set of sprites also allows me to have different clothing and hair color combinations, making them more varied and less boring to look at.

I also added male villagers, something I was planning for a while but never got done in time for the demos. Like the girls, the guys will have three  different hair colors and while their AI is very similar to theirs, they will bring something new to the gameplay too...

Based on an old idea I had for an enemy  when I started working on the project, male villagers have a chance to spawn carrying a torch that they can also drop on the ground turning it into a new obstacle You will have to avoid. This makes them a little more dangerous and tricky to catch, at least while they are carrying said torch.

Bigger obstacles like the river on the top of the stage and the houses where the villagers spawn and hide became modular, so now I can place them anywhere I want, making levels more fast and easy to design. It's still needs a lot of work and polishing, but this is the first step on having a lot of variety on level designs, something players asked a lot on their feedback too.

As you probably noticed on the screenshots some background objects are looking a little bit different too, as I have also been cleaning up and remaking some graphics assets, not only to make them look nice and cleaner but also to make the screen look a little less cramped. Some art like the one at the title screen will get a few tweaks here and there too, and new art is also being made, but all that is still a work in progress, so I'll talk more about it later. 
To add these small things, a lot of code has been updated and sometimes even rewritten from scratch, making
the progress quite slow and tedious, but I hope to speed up the pace soon, as I will keep working on this to eventually release a new demo
with all this new content.

Thanks for your following and supporting this project, and don't forget to check the current demo and to leave any comment, ideas, suggestions, feedback, questions or anything you want, everything is highly appreciated!
You can also follow me and write to me on tumblr and twitter, if you happen to like those platforms better.
See you soon!

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