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Really simple game. Catch your food while avoiding enemies before the time is up!

In Vampire's Bit you will share your time with Elizabeth, a little vampire girl that needs to drink blood to survive. To get that blood, late at night, she flies to a several places near her castle. Help her catch the villagers when they get out of their houses and avoid the vampire hunters before the sun rises and try to get the highest score. How many nights can you survive? 

This update focuses on showing the basics of new features that will be implemented on the game. 

  • Huge graphic update, everything has been remade or polished 
  • New stages, forests, farms, graveyards and castles
  • New enemy type, monks
  • New villager types, lamp carrying villagers and spirits
  • New more colorful day/night cycle
  • Power ups implemented: Fog transformation
  • Improved bonus stages
  • Improved stage intro screens
  • Online scoreboards
  • Individual volume controls for music and sound effects
  • Various bugfixes and tweaks
  • Read full changelog here

  • Simple and fast-paced gameplay
  • 8-bit styled graphics
  • 8-bit styled music and sounds
  • Online scoreboards
  • Small Bonus Stages
  • Graphic and sound configurable options
  • Scanlines and CRT styled filters

There are some features I have in mind, or I have already started working in, but didn't make it in time for this demo.
Some stuff you may see on future updates includes

  • More music and sound effects
  • More power up and special habilities
  • More levels and stages variations
  • Different types of enemies
  • Different types of bonus stages
  • Boss fights

A small and very simple one man project I started as my entry for AGDG's Waifu Jam 2016. Since I received a lot of positive reviews on it and I had a lot of ideas that didn't make it to the first demo in time, I decided to keep working on it to slowly make it bigger and better.
Main inspration, as you can imagine, comes from older games like Bomberman and Berzerk, and NES aesthetics and limitations.

Keep an eye on it for any future updates, and send me any suggestions, questions, reviews and feedback, here or on social networks. Your opinion is highly appreciated!


Vampire's Bit [DEMO 4].zip 4 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play! 
Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems might prompt you to install DirectPlay. You can choose to not install it if you don't want to, and the game will still work properly.

Development log


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This game is really pretty and fun to play. Do you have music for it yet? 
EDIT: I was playing with the sound off, silly me.


Thank You! I'm glad you had fun with it!!


Since I had already finished a few songs for Vampire's Bit, I decided to post them in a free single pack as fan-music :)


Wow this is amazing!! You did such an amazing work!!
Thank you so much!! Makes me super happy to know my game inspired you to do something so good!!


i would like the full lore of the game, seems pretty cool

Hello! I'm glad you liked it!
As soon as I have some free time (I have been a bit busy with work recently) I'll do a small post on the full lore of the game! Wait for it!


K thx!

Finally made the devlog post! You can check it here: https://vampiredev.itch.io/vampires-bit-demo/devlog/319667/some-story

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This is what I get after launching exe. file.

Windows 10 64 bit.

Ignore button just repeats the first error.

EDIT: Turns out it's a fault of some lines in the config file. No idea why. Some letters look weird, maybe my computer's fault. Deleting some of these lines fixed the issue.

 Controls are a bit floaty, making it more difficult to go between obstacles.

Great game, tho. The PC is cute.

Keep going.

Hello! Thanks for playing the game!
Don't worry, your computer is working perfectly. I'll be looking for a way to fix this issue as soon as possible! I'm also already working on making the controls less floaty too!
Thanks for your feedback and happy holidays!


And happy New Year!

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 I Stumbled upon your game and I just wanted to congratulate you. I love the concept and the Gothic horror aesthetic. I think your devlog shows very promising projects for the future of the game . 

Amazing work, keep at it !!

I'm looking forward for the next updates !


Thank You!! Makes me really happy to know you liked the game so much! 
There is a lot of new stuff planned for the next update, so I'll do my best to fulfill your expectations!!


can you tell me what engine you used?

I'm using Game Maker.


I came across your game last night and decided to play the game on my itch.io game series today for stream. I absolutely love the game. I love the game so much that I plan on playing it again on stream for my halloween stream. I hope you consider making more games in the future. 

I'm glad you liked the game so much! Can't wait for that halloween stream!
And don't worry I have lots of ideas for games I'd love to make!

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Just played the game for a solid 20 minutes and was really getting into it. No clue if you're still active, but wrote down all the feedback that came to mind while playing.


  • pathfinding and reactions of enemies is great
  • the way hunters pause in shock is a great touch for gameplay
  • music and gameplay match up very well, helps player focus on the game
  • artstyle is great and works great for a tile-based game
  • randomized obstacles around the houses helps replayability* a ton


  • Hunters are hard to notice, which hurts a fast-paced game like this. Giving them the same color scheme as the vampire would be great
  • ps4 controller doesn't seem to work on menu or in game
  • ps4 spoofed as XBOX with InputMapper (extremely reliable IMO but may duplicate gamepads) doesn't work on main menu
  • a warning on the door as people are about to come out would be great. a little extra yellow light as a warning and showing through the windows would make the village seem a lot more "villagey"
  • holding a 2nd key to go that direction after finishing moving along  a wall  would be great
  • a "BONUS STAGE" message would help, since I got kind of confused at what was going on
  • there are occasional duplicate sprites on the vampire such as sucking someone's blood while walking away

Keep up the good work!


Hello! I'm really happy that you had so much fun playing the game!
I have been working very slowly recently, but the project is still active, so your feedback is highly appreciated. It helps me a lot to keep improving.
I'm already working on some of the issues you found. Thanks for your help!


Gave it a go...

Thanks for the video! It was amazing!
I'm glad you had fun playing!


So I'm playing the latest demo (3.1), but I can't seem to move. When I press either the arrow keys or WADS, the player sprite faces the corresponding direction but simply does not move. Am I missing something or is it a bug?

Thanks for the feedback. Do you have any controller connected to the pc? I've had that happening to me when I do and forget about it, because the game automatically detects the controller and switchs to it's input. I can change that to choosing the input method manually from the options if it's giving troubles.

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Yeah, that was probably the problem. I always have a couple of pads plugged in. I assume you're using Game Maker based on the folder structure?

If you are, you should probably set your movement controls to variables that = keyboard || gamepad in order to prevent these kind of issues in the future. That's what I've done and it seems to work fine for now.

If that doesn't work with your current setup, then adding a manual controller input options would be much appreciated.

I'll do that then. Again, thanks for your help and the feedback.

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Made a really small and fast update fixing that issue. You can now choose your input method at the options, and if the input method you choose is not avaiable the game will automatically switch back to the previous one.
Keep in mind X-Input (Xbox controllers) haven't been tested with real hardware, so it might not work properly, if you happen to use one of those any feedback on it is appreciated too.
Once again, thanks for your help.


Good to hear! I didn't use a controller but it was a nice convenience to not need to unplug it for keyboard.

The game was fun. I enjoyed the arcade-y premise and feel, though I do feel like the game is lacking variation. I can see that the village seems to be semi-random each time, but perhaps some kind of progression (like work towards bigger villages or something) would help liven it up as I felt like I was just replaying the same level for ten or so rounds I played. Keep in mind I only got to level 4 or 5 as the furthest, so I may have missed something. Overall good simple fun and I enjoyed it! I liked the music and art too.

Something seems to be up with diagonal inputs. I'm not sure what's going on there but there seems to be some sort of strange priority or at least that's what it felt like. Maybe I'm just crazy though.

Overall good fun! Keep up the good work! Sorry if this post seemed overly critical but I don't know what else to say other than "I had fun and enjoyed it".

Glad to know you enjoyed it! Don't worry about being "overly critical", this kind of detailed reviews are exactly what helps me to improve on the game. I'll keep an eye on the diagonal movement and I'm also planning to add more variety soon, like introducing new kinds of enemies as you advance on the game, and different kinds of bonus stages. Still have to plan a lot about the progression, maybe you'll go to other locations at some point.


Latest build isn't booting if you set the previous game to full screen and restart. Player wasn't spawning even in windowed mode. Cannot currently play.

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm currently working on fixing all the bugs found on the lastest build.
The first one has been fixed already but I'm having a really hard time with the second one since only two players so far (counting you) have found it, and no one else (including myself) has been able to replicate it. Mind if I ask you which OS are you using?
Again, thanks for the comment!


Sure, I'm running Windows 10 x64! If there's anything else I can do let me know :)

Thanks! As soon as I have news, or if I need something else I'll let you know!

Hello! I uploaded a small bug-fix build of Vampire's Bit. It would be great if you can check it!
If you still have that bug with the vampire not appearing at the start of the level, wait for the timer to be between 50 and 30 seconds and press T to get an error code I need to fix it, since I could never replicate that bug.
Again, thanks for your time and your feedback!


cute proof of concept
I feel like the priest guy being able to walk through houses and kill you when you can't even see him is kind of dumb
music was solid
the spritework and animation are good, but the color palette was pretty bland
I can see a lot of potential for this to be a nice little puzzle type of game


Played for ten minutes and enjoyed it. Those villagers are just slippery enough to avoid me some of the time but not always.

The hunter AI will sometimes whiff and run by me when they really shoulda caught me, although perhaps thats not a bad thing as perfect AI can be frustrating to play against.

Would happily get bitten anytime.

Technical hitches: launching the exe always prompts me to install DirectPlay (playing on windows 10)
Input doesn't work on my 360 controller (related to directplay?)

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you had fun with it!
Yeah, the poor vampire girl would have a really hard time if the hunter gets too smart.

Found the DirectPlay issue today, seems something Windows 8 and up asks for some reason, but even if you choose to not install it the game should work perfectly (at least it did for me on 8.1)
I'm having some issues to get the Xbox controller to work properly right now (Cheap USB joysticks/D-input work perfectly though), but I hope to fix that soon.

Again, thanks for playing and for your feedback!


i enjoy your game, that's why i made a small demoplay of vampire's bit with a little of info that i obtain from here.

hope you like it.



Hi! Thanks for the video, I liked it a lot! I'm glad you enjoy the game!


Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMHpz14hpOQ

This is the Waifu jam version

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Thanks for playing and making the video, guys!

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Looks very nice!


That building is really scary with the hunter disappearing in it and some corners are traps! D:

Thanks for taking the time to play this and make this video! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!